20 Steps to stay Healthy and Young

http://freebeezone.com/20-tips-to-stay-healthy-and-young/It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep fit and healthy in today’s busy lifestyle. People especially women do not have enough time to take good care of them. She is often involved in fulfilling her dual responsibilities. Neither eats on time nor is able to do any kind of exercise. Due to which their health deteriorates. But keeping ourselves fit is not as difficult as we think. If certain things of Ayurveda are adopted, it can be a little easier to stay healthy. So today we are going to tell you 20 basic tips of Ayurveda that can keep you healthy and young by keeping diseases away.

Yes, from children to elders and pregnant women to the elderly, some of the basic mantras of Ayurveda help in keeping everyone healthy. Ayurveda is a completely different method. With this, you can overcome your problem without any side effects. Let us know about 20 such basic tips-

20 such basic tips of Ayurveda-

1) If you want to remain healthy and young for a long time, then hands must be washed before taking food.

2) Include green vegetables and seasonal fruits in the diet, as well as eat less of hunger. You should avoid eating too much especially at night.

3) Food should be chewed in small mouthfuls and chewed properly, due to which the food is digested properly.

4) Drink water only after half an hour after a meal. By doing this, the food is digested properly. But even if you have a habit of drinking water, drink only 1-2 sips while eating water.


5) Buttermilk must be drunk after meals.

6) Rinse well after eating, so that food does not get stuck in the teeth. This is very good for your oral health.

7) You should go to urinate after a meal, it does not cause a stone problem.

8) Eat plenty of fried-roasted or all-purpose flour.

9) It is good for health to keep away from things like alcohol, cigarette, etc.

10) Water filled in tea, coffee or plastic bottles should not be consumed.

11) Fasting must be done at least once a week. This makes our body detox well. And only drink the lemonade that day.

12) Day meal should be done before 1 pm and dinner by 7 pm.


13) There should be a difference of at least 2 hours between dinner and sleep.

14) Always bathe with cold water and filled with water in the bucket.

15) At least 15 minutes of sunlight should be taken in a day, it gives vitamin D.

16) If you want to get good sleep, then you should wash your feet before going to bed and wipe them well and also you can massage mustard oil on the soles.

17) One glass of lukewarm milk should be drunk before sleeping. By doing this, your day-to-day tiredness goes away.

18) Must do yoga and Pranayam daily in the morning.

19) Massage the whole body with mustard oil once a week.

20) You should not sleep at all time.



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