How to take care of your Skin and Hair and Hair Care- Most of the women in the country remain in homes. Skin and hair are also affected due to non-exit and decrease in physical activity. The body is energized by getting out of the house and physical activities and metabolism also remain good. But there can be stiffness in the body due to deficiency in it, there can be dullness on the skin as well. Activities are very important to avoid this.

Do these activities to bring glow on the skin-

If you want that your metabolism is not affected due to low physical activities, then you can walk 10 minutes on the stairs. First up, then down, this will give you a good workout. If you like to dance, then dance to a song in the room. This will keep your hair and skin both good. Maintain activity for at least 20-20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. This also helps in the circulation of antioxidants in the body.

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