Know the Benefits of Hugging Someone best way to show love to someone is to Hug. No matter how upset someone is, he feels very good by hugging someone. You must have seen that no matter how much a child is crying, the mother hugs him and the child stops crying. And as far as embracing the partner is concerned, by embracing the partner, any day’s fatigue and troubles are removed. Perhaps you have realized this too? Do you know the other benefits of Hugging Someone?

But do you know that this is not only the benefit of this magic hug, but it helps you sleep well, blood pressure and heart rate control, helps strengthen metabolism, as well as you and your partner Grows old and improves your relationship. That is, embracing the partner is very beneficial for you in three ways, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Research conducted at Carnage Melon University in Pennsylvania has revealed that “embracing reduces the risk”. According to research, a hug not only provides mental comfort but assures of being close. It helps in increasing the confidence and development of personality. Hugging affects the body like magic, many hormones are activated in the body. Due to the increase of these hormones, many other problems from mood to health also start correcting. Yes, hugging releases an element called Oxytoxin, which increases immunity .

Let us know the Health benefits of Hugging-

Boon of full sleep- According to a new research, the couples who hug each other and fall asleep sleep better than those who do not . This happens because your body releases a hormone called Oxytoxin during the hug that helps fight stress. And you get good sleep by relieving stress throughout the day.

Immunity is better- Hugging also increases immunity. Many types of hormones also increase rapidly by hugging. A decrease in hormones like cortisol decreases stress and boosts mood. The result is good immunity. The magic of Hug prevents sickness.

Stress Ends- Hugging starts reducing the secretion of cortisol hormone in our body. This hormone is going to increase stress. Not only that, Oxytocin hormone increases which is considered to be love hormone. That is, it increases your happiness hence lowering stress.

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