Benefits of Cow’s ghee

The taste of Indian food is considered incomplete without Desi ghee. But still some women start making mouths after hearing the name of Ghee, because it makes them afraid of gaining weight and is considered the cause of diseases. But do you know that Ghee is very beneficial for health along with enhancing the taste of food. Especially Desi Cow’s ghee is very good for your health. In Ayurveda, Desi cow’s ghee is considered as nectar, which has more than a hundred properties that act like medicine. Its regular use keeps your weight under control, body strength and bones are also strengthened. It is like a boon for skin and hair, besides increasing energy and keeping mental health healthy. In other words, you can say that it protects you from many diseases.

Yes, Desi ghee contains anti-oxidants. They increase the immunity of the body. Desi ghee contains Linoleic acid. This prevents body weight from increasing. The amount of vitamin K is found in desi cow’s ghee. Which is beneficial for heart health. In addition, it contains abundant amounts of fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 9, which are essential for the growth of growing children. Desi cow’s ghee benefits you both by eating and massaging. Consumption of cow’s ghee does not increase cholesterol. Weight also does not increase, rather it balances the weight. That is, the weight of a weak person increases, the weight of a fat person decreases. Let us you know about the benefits of Desi cow’s ghee.


Benefits of Desi cow’s ghee-

  • Allergy is eliminated by putting cow’s ghee in the nose.
  • Insanity is cured by putting cow’s ghee in the nose.
  • Putting cow’s ghee in the nose also cures paralysis.
  • Feeding ghee (20-25 grams) and sugar candy reduces the intoxication of alcohol, cannabis and cannabis.
  • Dripping ghee in the nose removes dryness of the nose and freshens the mind.
  • By putting cow’s ghee in the nose, hair loss ends and new hair also starts coming.
  • Putting cow’s ghee in one’s nose provides mental peace, memory becomes sharp. If you want to buy desi cow ghee sitting at home, then buy it from here.

  • If there is burning sensation in the hands and feet, massaging cow’s ghee on the soles cures burning sensation.
  • Massaging the children on the chest and back with the old ghee of cow eliminates phlegm complaints.
  • Migraine pain is cured by adding two drops of desi cow’s ghee to the nose in the evening.
  • If there is more weakness, then drink one spoon of cow ghee and sugar candy in a glass of milk.
  • Cow’s ghee also increases physical and mental strength.
  • Massaging the cow’s ghee on the chest helps in removing the mucus of children. Yes, whenever children have a complaint of mucus, then add salt in cow ghee and heat it a little and massage it on its chest.
  • If there is heat in the body due to headache, then massage the cow’s ghee on the soles of the feet, the headache will be cured.
  • If you put a few drops of cow’s ghee in the nose 2 times a day, it balances the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).
  • Applying Cow’s Desi Ghee on Blisters provides relief .
  • If the hiccup does not stop, eat half a teaspoon of empty cow ghee, the hiccup itself will stop.

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